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What I can do on the Reports page of the admin dashboard?

75365 views   |   Last updated on Jun 15, 2023    admin statistics

 Use the Reports page to: View table and chart versions of your traffic. Click items in the legend to selectively display data. Get reports over any date range and on one, all, or several of your queues. Download a CSV (comma separated values) file of the data underlying each report for manipulation in a spreadsheet program like Excel. Step-by-step Report page instructions... Reports filters Act... read more

How do I include a chat box on a web page without using JavaScript?

19176 views   |   Last updated on Jan 08, 2024    installation chat widget

Chat boxes have direct URLs, which makes it easy to include your chat box anywhere.  There are two common ways to include chat on your web page without using JavaScript: IFRAMEs and links.  An IFRAME lets you include a chat box within the flow of your page.  A hyperlink can be used to pop out a chat box on click. Pro tip!  Besides the kind of direct URL we'll discuss in detail in this page, there ... read more

Do you have any training materials covering your webclient for staff?

15815 views   |   Last updated on Jan 08, 2024    staffing sharing tool webclient training

"Show me how this works" Users that are signed into the webclient can use our "Show me how this works" button for an in-place tour.  The tour icon begins from a small question-mark logo just to the right of "Staff Chat Client."   LibraryH3lp Webclient Overview screencast Fairly detailed overview of the webclient.  16 min, 32 secs long. Overview of sharing tool which allows operators to paste scr... read more

Are there any conference room (group chat) options for staff?

14468 views   |   Last updated on Sep 19, 2023    admin group chat

Conference rooms are an internal group chat room where staff can see and chat with each other collaboratively. Each subscription includes unlimited conference rooms. Getting Started Using the Conference Rooms page in the admin dashboard, administrators can create conference rooms for staff.  Any number of rooms can be created, and users can be flexibly assigned to one or more conference rooms as d... read more

Can I use canned messages when chatting with guests?

14364 views   |   Last updated on Sep 15, 2023    staffing canned messages

Canned messages for staffing via the webclient If you use the webclient for staffing chat, then yes!  Operators can be assigned to shared pools of canned messages and/or create their own (private) canned messages. Administrators can create shared groups (pools) of canned messages and assign operators to them using the canned messages management page in the admin site. Administrators can create mul... read more

Do you save chat transcripts?

13196 views   |   Last updated on Sep 25, 2023    transcripts privacy

Transcript storage is optionally available for any chats on queues.  Transcript storage is off by default; this leaves you in full control of whether or not transcripts are stored in the first place.  If you wish, you can enable secure transcript storage for each queue, using the Queues management page in the admin dashboard (US, CA, EU, SG). There is a "Save Transcripts" checkbox located in the s... read more

What is the webclient?

12859 views   |   Last updated on Jan 10, 2024    staffing training webclient

The LibraryH3lp webclient for staffing is our custom web-based interface that staff use to receive and respond to chats from guests.  It integrates tightly with LibraryH3lp's special features. It conveniently places transfer, send file, e-mail transcript, and block features in the chat window. It also displays the guest's IP address, referring URL, and any optional queue avatars, which can link to... read more

Does chat work with LibGuides?

12737 views   |   Last updated on Aug 10, 2023    integrations CMS

The chat box works well in all versions of LibGuides. You can embed simple IFRAMEs, use the chat snippet code as generated from the admin dashboard, or custom JavaScript. Our embedded, pop-up, and follow-me chat box styles all work fine in LibGuides. Adding chat to a Profile Box Select Customize Profile for this Page (pencil icon). Paste your chat snippet into the Chat Widget Code box. If you hav... read more

What emoticons are supported in the chat box widget for guests and in the webclient for staffing?

12193 views   |   Last updated on Oct 12, 2023    webclient emoticons chat widget

Here is a list of all supported Emoji's: Shortcut (if available) Emoji Description :yes: 👍 thumbs up :no: 👎 thumbs down   👏 clapping hands :D 😀 grinning face   😃 grinning face with big eyes   😄 grinning face with smiling eyes :o) 😁 beaming face with smiling eyes   😆 grinning squinting face   😅 grinning with sweat :'D 🤣 rolling on the floor laughing   😂 face with tears of... read more

Commitment to accessibility

12119 views   |   Last updated on Feb 13, 2024    ADA accessibility 508 chat widget

Background The guest-facing chat box has been designed for accessibility to users assistive technology since its first release way back in 2007. Since then, the chat box has received regular updates to support changes in web browsers and evolving accessibility standards in web browsers. The chat box is designed to work with screen readers, including JAWS, and is responsive to screen magnifiers, br... read more

What client software can I use to answer incoming guest chats?

11965 views   |   Last updated on Sep 19, 2023    staffing client

LibraryH3lp offers a web browser-based chat client that seamlessly integrates with key LibraryH3lp features like transfer, send file, and blocking of abusive patrons. You can access the webclient using any modern web browser at: United States: https://libraryh3lp.com/webclient Canada: https://ca.libraryh3lp.com/webclient Europe: https://eu.libraryh3lp.com/webclient Asia/Pacific: https://sg.librar... read more

Can I answer chats from a mobile device like my phone or tablet?

11857 views   |   Last updated on Dec 31, 2023    staffing mobile

Since you can staff LibraryH3lp using any XMPP/Jabber client, you can staff your service from a mobile device if you so desire.  The staffing assignments dialog is something unique to LibraryH3lp, so you won't see an option to change staffing assignments with mobile XMPP./Jabber clients.  The current settings for your LibraryH3lp staffing assignments will be used automatically. If you need to make... read more

How do I block abusive guests?

11070 views   |   Last updated on Jun 15, 2023    staffing abuse webclient guests

Blocking works for chats originating from website chat box and texting. From the blocked guest's perspective, the operator will simply stop responding even if new chats are initiated. A block persists for a period of 24 hours. 24 hours will be long enough to discourage most abusive guests, but it's not so long as to present a serious long-term problem for dynamically-allocated IP addresses. We usu... read more

What kind of mobile device support does LibraryH3lp have?

10957 views   |   Last updated on Jan 09, 2024    mobile webclient texting chat widget

Every kind.  LibraryH3lp is mobile-friendly and designed with mobile devices in mind: Chat box: The chat box widget, written in JavaScript, is optimized for mobile browsers. It has been tested extensively on the iPhone/iPod Touch and the native Android phone browser. SMS (text messaging): Our inexpensive SMS add-on features customized "we're offline" auto-replies, offline message delivery, and a ... read more

What alerting options are available for chat?

10648 views   |   Last updated on Sep 06, 2023    staffing webclient chat widget alert

For the guest On the guest side, the chat box offers a simple sound alert on each new message from the operator. You can opt to have the notification sound on or off by default on your chat boxes. For the operator On the operator side, the answer all depends on which client you use to staff chat. Webclient for staffing: Visual: Desktop Notifications provide excellent visual alerting, even if the ... read more

I use Pidgin to answer chats. Are there any plugins you'd recommend?

10644 views   |   Last updated on Jun 30, 2023    staffing

There are a few plugins that can optionally be used to improve LibraryH3lp services: LibraryH3lp plugin. Version, released June 6, 2013. This plugin repeats new chat alert noise until chat is answered, shows in-line transcript on receipt of transfer, automatically approves individual buddy subscription requests, provides option for 140 character countdown, and provides option for XMPP go... read more

Can I present the guest with an exit survey after a chat?

10583 views   |   Last updated on Sep 28, 2023    webclient chat widget survey

There are a few different ways to present surveys to guests: Automatically send a survey invitation to all guests when the operator closes the chat on their (the operator's) end.  The guest will receive the survey invitation as a regular line of chat within the chat box transcript, and they'll receive it as part of any emailed transcript they receive. You can use the chat box title to link to a... read more

Does the chat box have a direct URL?

10505 views   |   Last updated on Oct 11, 2023    API chat widget

Yes! Direct URLs take the guest to your chat box with a single click and are useful for sharing with guests on social media, in emails, by text message, etc. Anywhere you need a link rather than a chat snippet.  You can also embed chat boxes using the direct URL in an iframe, or link to it from any kind of button. Pro tip!  Besides the kind of direct URL we'll discuss in detail in this page, there... read more

Can I search and view my chat transcripts?  Monitor, review, download, and otherwise manage my chat metadata?

10250 views   |   Last updated on Jan 31, 2024    metadata transcripts statistics

Yes!  The Chat History area provides robust search and management capabilities.  It is available in both the admin dashboard and within the webclient for staffing. Searching transcripts If you have enabled transcript storage on your chat queues, you can easily search your chat transcripts for keywords.  Just place the keyword in the search box at the top of the Chat History page.  If you use multi... read more

How many libraries use LibraryH3lp?

9159 views   |   Last updated on Sep 14, 2023   

To date, over 1000 organizations use LibraryH3lp across the world!... read more

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