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Can I present the guest with an exit survey after a chat?

5890 views   |   Last updated on Jan 22, 2019    chat widget webclient


There are a few different ways to present surveys to guests:
  1. You can use the chat box title to link to a survey so that it is visible to the guest at all times during the chat.
  2. Automatically send a survey invitation to all guests at the very start of each chat, before any human operator has claimed it, by using our Concierge Auto-Reply on a one second trigger.  The guest will receive it as a regular line of chat within the chat box.
  3. Automatically send a survey invitation to all guests when the operator closes the chat on their (the operator's) end.  The guest will receive the survey invitation as a regular line of chat within the chat box transcript.
  4. If you'd like operators to be able to send the survey invitation manually, you can set that up as a shared canned message within the admin dashboard, and then operators would use it in the webclient.

If items #2 or #3 are of interest, please contact support and we'll get it set up for you since these features are not yet configurable through the admin dashboard.

With any/all of these options, you'd need to use an external tool for the survey itself, since we do not currently have this built in.  So your survey invitation will send guests off to whatever tool you use (Google Form survey; Qualtrics; Survey Monkey; etc...)

One final note... Exit surveys can be problematic because chats don't always have a cleanly-defined end (or beginning).  Students who have grown up with instant messaging tend to see online interactions as an extended, asynchronous interaction, as opposed to us oldsters who grew up with the telephone model.  In practice this means they tend to not pay attention to "End Chat" buttons and just wander away instead.  Or leave the chat open for hours and then try to resume later.  All of this makes the "end of chat" a moving target.


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