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What emoticons are supported in the chat box widget for guests and in the webclient for staffing?

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:cat: cat
:dog: dog
@-) alien
8-] ogre
o-) cyclops
O-) cyclops
o-] robot
O-] robot
|:-) rambo
:#( hurt
#-( dead
O:-) angel
o:-) angel
o:) angel
O:) angel
(6) devil
:devil: devil
(y) thumbup
(Y) thumbup
:yes: thumbup
(n) thumbdown
(N) thumbdown
:no: thumbdown
:heart: heart
(l) heart
(L) heart
(u) heart
(U) heart
:bheart: heart
(z) person
(Z) person
:man: person
(e) letter
(E) letter
:letter: letter
:coffee: coffee
(c) coffee
(C) coffee
(i) bulb
(I) bulb
:lamp: bulb
:jabber: bulb
}{ bat
:bat: bat
:dragon: dragon
:home: house
:apple: apple
:glasses: glasses
(t) phone
(T) phone
:phone: phone
:mushroom: mushroom
(p) camera
(P) camera
:photo: camera
:world: globe
:syringe: needle
:carrot: carrot
:cherry: cherry
:cobra: cobra
:wine: cocktail
:cocktail: cocktail
(d) cocktail
(D) cocktail
:dinosaur: dinosaur
:drink: drink
:fish: fish
:graduate: graduate
:death: grimreaper
:hammer: hammer
:helicopter: helicopter
(8) music
:note: music
:music: music
:tux: penguin
:linux: penguin
:skull: skull
:speaker: speaker
:tv: tv
:television: tv
:p ditsy
:god: trinity_glowing
:water: water_molecule
:) smile
:-) smile
(: spin
(-: spin
;) wink
;-) wink
(; wink
(-; wink
:| | normal
:-| normal
:- ermm
: ermm
:/ ermm
:-/ ermm
:S puzzled
:s puzzled
:-S puzzled
:-s puzzled
:( depressed
:-( depressed
): depressed
)-: depressed
:\ cry
:\ cry
:X speechless
:x speechless
:o mad
>:-o mad
:-o surprised
:O surprised
:-O surprised
%) evolved
%-) evolved
>:D laugh
:D silly
:-d silly
:d silly
:-D silly
:o) cheerful
:) smiley
8-D cheeky
:) embarrassed
:-0 shocked
:-O shocked
:0 scared
:O scared
:-P lick
:-p lick
B-) cool
B-| calm
:-! smoker
|-) bandit
P-) pirate
:-)} beard
:-){ beard
:-)> old-man
[:|] ninja
:- gasmask
:-[ vampire
:[ vampire
3-|{ sleeping
8-/ paranoid
?-| ponder
:-S nervous
8-s confused
8-| tired
8-[ bored
8-( disappointed
:-< sad
>:-D evil
>:-| angry
>:-) devious
:D grin
8) classic
:-] square-eyed
8-) foureyes
x-) knocked-out
X-) knocked-out