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Can I monitor chat activity/history?

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Chat activity over a queue can be monitored in real-time through either the admin dashboard or the webclient for staffing in the Activity page.  Direct chats between individuals (operator to operator) are not logged and cannot be monitored outside the conversation.

The Chat History/Activity page provides all sorts of handy functionality:

  • Review real-time activity on the system.
  • Intervene in any active chat by transferring it to another queue or operator.
  • Delete transcripts individually or in bulk, leaving the record of the chat in place.
  • Delete the full record of a chat, individually or in bulk.
  • Anonymize chats, individually or in bulk. Anonymize removes phone numbers from SMS guests, IP addresses from widget chats, and deletes transcripts..
  • Download a CSV (comma separated values) file of your chat histories to manipulate using Excel.
  • Download a zip file of transcripts for local analysis. More info...
  • Step-by-step instructions...

You can review chats over a time period by using the calendar views.

The first thing you'll probably notice is a table with lots of columns - guest, protocol, queue, etc. Collectively, we call this information chat metadata. More simply put, chat details. By default, you see today's chats. 


Pro tip! Click on the chat metadata column headings to sort chats by a particular field. Click on the down arrow in the column headings to show/hide columns and filter


When you click on a chat, the transcript will display below the grid. By default, transcript storage is turned off to protect guest privacy so be sure to turn transcript storage on if you wish to retain transcripts. Above the transcript, you'll see chat management icons (highlighted by the red box in the image below). If a chat is active, you'll be able to refresh the transcript, transfer the chat, and send a file to the guest. For all chats, you can pop the chat out into a separate tab, e-mail the transcript, tag for follow-up, or block the guest for 24 hours. 

Pro tip! Don't see any transcripts? Administrators can enable transcripts for a queue via the queues management page in the admin dashboard.


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