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What kind of mobile device support do you have?

6974 views   |   Last updated on Mar 27, 2020    mobile webclient chat widget texting


Every kind.  LibraryH3lp is mobile-friendly and designed with mobile devices in mind:

  • Chat box: The chat box widget, written in JavaScript (not Flash), has a mobile-specific version that is optimized for mobile browsers. It has been tested extensively on the iPhone/iPod Touch and the native Android phone browser. Our widget detects mobile browsers and will provide our mobile-friendly widget automatically, or you can specify the mobile widget manually in your mobile site.
  • SMS (text messaging): Our inexpensive SMS add-on features customized "we're offline" auto-replies, offline message delivery, and a dedicated phone number.
  • FAQs: Each FAQ comes with a mobile-specific version for guests using smartphones.
  • Ask a Librarian app for patrons: A free mobile app that lets any library (not just LibraryH3lp customer libraries) have a listing with geolocation, and patrons can "favorite" their local library for easy use.
  • Staffing client flexibility: We have support for staffing from your mobile device.  Mobile staffing is important primarily to support the increasingly popular model of "roving" librarians not tied to a physical desk.  You can staff the service using the webclient on a tablet, but we recommend that only for "emergencies" because the single-tasking nature of mobile devices doesn't let the web app continue to run in the background. (Unfortunately, that's a problem with any web app.)  Our recommended XMPP options provide push notifications. Popular mobile apps include Xabber (Google Play store), IM+ (all platforms), and Trillian (all platforms) but others may work as well.

One of our most fun features is something we call "implicit transfers".  Because the system links all your accounts together, you can answer a chat on your mobile device, but all you have to do is log in on a desktop computer and set your mobile status to "Away" and the conversation will seamlessly continue with a real keyboard.


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