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How many libraries use LibraryH3lp?

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To date, over 600 libraries use LibraryH3lp including those listed in the Wordle on our home page. Libraries who have used LibraryH3lp longer are shown in larger fonts. If you are a LibraryH3lp customer and would like to be added to our Wordle, please let us know!... read more

Do I have to pay extra for the FAQ module in LibraryH3lp?

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Nope. Unlimited access to the FAQ module is included as part of your regular LibraryH3lp subscription and as part of every trial.... read more

Does LibraryH3lp work with LibGuides?

1066 views   |   160   176   |   Last updated on Aug 28, 2012    integrations cms

Yes! Here's how.... read more

What protocol does LibraryH3lp use for chat?

837 views   |   147   159   |   Last updated on Aug 24, 2012    xmpp

​LibraryH3lp is based on XMPP, an open standard for instant messaging.  By nature of its openness, XMPP has many integration points into other software and systems.  For you, this means:IM gateways supporting patrons on all popular protocols.Your choice of client for staffing the system.The ability to staff from external accounts, such as Google, Microsoft Lync,  or your existing university XMPP a... read more

Can I configure the sound notification in the webchat client?

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There is no way to change the sonar ping sound in the webchat client at the moment. In the future, we may add customization options for that, but no definite timeline for that yet. If you are a Firefox or Chrome user, you might want to enable desktop notifications of incoming chats within the webchat client, which provide excellent visual alerting even if the webchat client's browser is minimized... read more

Do you save chat transcripts?

766 views   |   139   159   |   Last updated on Aug 08, 2013    privacy transcripts

Transcript storage is optionally available for any chats on queues (this includes gateways).  Transcript storage is off by default; this leaves the library in full control of whether or not transcripts are stored in the first place.  Chats directed to specific users (not queues) are treated as private conversations and are not logged in any way.If transcript storage is turned on, transcripts are s... read more

What code do I have to put in my web page?

700 views   |   136   172   |   Last updated on Aug 28, 2012    widget installation

If you would like an embedded widget that is always visible, even when librarians are unavailable, a simple iframe will do the trick. For fancier behavior, you can cut and paste a code snippet from our Services Designer. If you want full control over your customization, it is just a few divs and some JavaScript. ... read more

Can I have an exit survey after a chat?

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Exit surveys are problematic because chats don't always have a cleanly-defined end (or beginning).  Students who have grown up with instant messaging tend to see online interactions as an extended, asynchronous interaction, as opposed to us oldsters who grew up with the telephone model.  In practice this means they tend to not pay attention to "End Chat" buttons and just wander away instead.  Or l... read more

How is your pricing structured?

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Pricing details can be found on our pricing page.... read more

Is the widget accessible to screen readers?

603 views   |   146   148   |   Last updated on Jan 22, 2013    ADA 508 accessibility widget

Yes. The widget is tested with JAWS and because it is just HTML and JavaScript (no Flash), we expect it to work with other screen readers.  We always incorporate accessibility suggestions, and several universities that have evaluated the system for accessibility found it acceptable.  JAWS-specific help is included inside the widget; it does not display visually but is read by the screen reader.In ... read more

How much does your SMS service cost?

603 views   |   136   156   |   Last updated on Dec 11, 2013    sms pricing

Pricing details for our SMS packages can be found on our pricing page.  A few notes:Our SMS packages do not expire after a year.  Unused balance flows automatically into the next year.Each package includes the cost of a dedicated number for one year; after one year the number cost continues to decrease available left-over balance at the same rate. There is no setup fee.You can try it, no strings a... read more

Can I use LibraryH3lp in my admissions office?

597 views   |   147   160   |   Last updated on Aug 28, 2012    license

Yes.  LibraryH3lp started out in libraries (oddly enough) but is widely used by admission offices, student advising services, and career counseling centers.  The real question is, "Do I have to pay to run LibraryH3lp in my admissions office?"  The answer there is, it depends.  If you can work out an arrangement with your library to share their subscription, that is perfectly OK with us and there i... read more

What is the meaning of life?

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Sorry! We just write virtual reference software. So we will refer you to Wikipedia, fount of all knowledge. ;-)... read more

What reporting options are there?

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You can actively monitor chat activity. You can generate historical reports over time periods in both graphical and table formats. We have reports showing chats per hour, month, protocol, queue, or librarian.You can also download, review and search transcripts.And if you need more, you can access all of this data programmatically via our API. ... read more

What kind of mobile device support do you have?

542 views   |   146   143   |   Last updated on Apr 30, 2013    webchat widget sms mobile

Every kind.  Our default widget does not require Flash and works well on mobile devices.  We also provide a specialized mobile widget with a more touch-friendly layout that works even better on mobile devices.  We also support SMS and instant messaging gateways, so your mobile patrons can contact you in whatever way best fits their workflow.But that's just patrons.  For librarians, we have extensi... read more

How do I block problem patrons?

535 views   |   106   101   |   Last updated on May 01, 2013    staffing

You can block problem patrons yourself during a chat from within the webchat client. This works for chats originating from widgets or gateways, including SMS. From the blocked patron's perspective, the librarian will simply stop responding even if new chats are initiated. A block from the webchat client persists for a period of 24 hours. 24 hours will be long enough to discourage most abusive patr... read more

How can we tell incoming SMS questions from regular widget chats?

508 views   |   111   119   |   Last updated on Jul 01, 2013    sms

That is a great question, since you will probably want to adjust the length of your responses a bit.The specific appearance depends on the chat client you're using to staff the system.  But in all cases, you'll be able to tell the SMS apart from the other incoming chats.  Please check out our full doc on this topic.  It includes screenshots and all the details.... read more

What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

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What do you mean? An African or European swallow?... read more

Do you have support for cobrowsing?

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No.  We do however have several widget features that enable patrons to converse with you while continuing to use your site, and you can send them clickable links to help direct them.Both the pop-up and follow-me widgets are designed to take chat out of the page, so that the user can navigate without disrupting the conversation, and the standard embedded widget can convert to a pop-out widget on de... read more

Is there a permissions system?

471 views   |   137   149   |   Last updated on Sep 18, 2012    permissions

Yes.  Your top-level admin user (that's the one you created when you registered your trial account) is all-powerful.  Regular users created by your admin user can be assigned to queues for staffing your chat service, and they have read-only access to Activity, Reports, and transcript data on queues to which they are assigned.  They cannot delete anything, create widgets, users, queues, etc...If yo... read more

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