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Do you save chat transcripts?

13196 views   |   Last updated on Sep 25, 2023    transcripts privacy


Transcript storage is optionally available for any chats on queues.  Transcript storage is off by default; this leaves you in full control of whether or not transcripts are stored in the first place.  If you wish, you can enable secure transcript storage for each queue, using the Queues management page in the admin dashboard (US, CA, EU, SG). There is a "Save Transcripts" checkbox located in the settings for each individual queue. With transcript storage turned off, the system still collects chat history data so that you can build statistical reports. 

If transcript storage is enabled for a queue, transcripts are still under your full control. Transcripts are stored until either you delete them or terminate your LibraryH3lp subscription. We do not use transcripts for any data mining or other purposes, and we do not share them with third parties (barring legal subpoenas).  You can download your transcripts to your own storage individually or in bulk. At any time, you can delete just the transcript (leaving the record of the chat itself for statistics and reports), delete the full record of the chat, or anonymize your chats.  Anonymize removes screen names from IM patrons, phone numbers from texting patrons, IP addresses from website widget chats, and deletes transcripts.

All of the above actions can be done for individual chats or in bulk. You can also automate any of these actions via locally-written script by using our APIs.

Chats between operators, website chats sent directly to an individual (instead of a queue), and conference room transcripts are treated as private and are never stored.  If you want transcript storage for website chats targeted at individuals, you'll need to create a queue for that purpose and only assign the specific user to their queue.  Then, turn on transcript storage for that queue.



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