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I have a generation 1 chat skin. How to upgrade my chat box skin to generation 2?

2410 views   |   Last updated on Oct 31, 2023    chat widget


If you have a first generation chat box that you'd like to upgrade, you can do so via the Chat Skin designer in the admin dashboard (Main, CA, EU, SG). There is no cost to upgrade your chat box skins as it's already included as part of your annual subscription.

Gen 2 pre-chat features summary

New things that guests will see immediately after you upgrade:

  • more spacious typing area that auto-sizes based upon chat box dimensions
  • modernized icon set for chat features such as emailing transcripts
  • new icon to enable/disable visual notifications of new chat messages (pop-out and follow-me chat box styles only)
  • new icon to review and choose emojis to insert into the conversation
  • new icon to clear chat history which replaces the old 'Clear Chat History' button

After you've upgraded the chat skin, new features and customization options include:

  • Disable file uploads for guests if you do not want guests sharing files with operators.
  • Several new ways to communicate with the guest prior to the chat beginning, including:
    • Add an optional, customizable greeting message that appears in the transcript area at the beginning of a conversation.
      • This is separate and different from the concierge auto-response in that this message is NOT part of the chat transcript per se and appears to the guest before a chat starts.
    • Create and present a chat policy to guests and optionally require guests to acknowledge your chat policy before chatting. More info.
    • Customize the 'Type here to chat. Press ENTER to send.' typing instructions for the chat box.

The Upgrade Process

First up, find the desired skin in your gallery. Then hover over that skin within the gallery and click the Edit button that appears on hover.

hover over skin in gallery


Within the chat skin editor, you'll see a purple "Upgrade skin to latest generation (free)" button under "Branding Basics." Click that to upgrade.

upgrade button for chat skins


NOTE: If you have a chat box skin which is highly customized though advanced customizations in Wicked CSS Hacks, those customizations will be lost if you choose to upgrade through the default upgrade process. The reason that the contents of Wicked CSS Hacks are purposefully not preserved is because much of what is valid for a Generation 1 chat box is NOT valid for a Generation 2 chat box. That is, the old Wicked CSS Hacks content will likely just make your updated chat box look strange and is no longer needed. Please contact LibraryH3lp support if you'd like assistance upgrading any chat skin or have questions.


When you click the upgrade button, you'll be asked to confirm your intent to upgrade.

skin upgrade message


IMPORTANT: After clicking "Yes" in the dialog shown above, you still have to click Save or Apply at the bottom of the editor to complete the upgrade.


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