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Can I give guests a direct chat box URL with offline contact information?

3272 views   |   Last updated on Jan 05, 2024    chat widget


LibraryH3lp's direct URLs to chat boxes are super simple and sleek.  They are great for easily getting users to your chat box and can be shared in email, social media, text messages, etc.., as well as linked from web pages or embedded into iframes on web pages.

But what if you want to specifically include alternative contact information when the chat box is offline?  There is another kind of direct URL that provides offline contact as an overlay on the offline chat box.


Chat box URL with offline contact overlay

Online chat box and offline with contact overlay


Like the regular direct chat URLs, these have a simple pattern with a few things you need to customize.  Here is the pattern for the main server:



You'll swap in:

  1. queue (your-queue-name): this is the queue that you want your guests to contact when they chat.

  2. the desired chat skin ID number (123456): this holds the cosmetic look-and-feel of the chat box.

  3. email (your-email-or-contact-form-URL): this can either be an e-mail address OR it can be a URL for a page with your contact information or contact form.

For example, if I wanted LibraryH3lp's customers to connect to our libraryh3lp-support queue with chat skin ID 29566 and our support email address if we were offline, my completed URL would be:



Regional servers

If you're a customer on one of our regional servers (ca.libraryh3lp.com, eu.libraryh3lp.com, sg.libraryh3lp.com) then you need to adjust the domain name at the front part of the URL.  For example, if you use the server in Canada: 


Things to know

  • If you embed this URL as an iframe, test your page to make sure you have enough height to display it properly.  The offline contact overlay requires sufficient vertical real estate for proper layout.   This URL is mostly designed to display-full screen, but an iframe will also work if it is tall enough.

  • If the guest's web browser is set to a language other than English, then the chat box itself will be translated if we have a matching translation but cannot be overridden with the "lang" variable in the context of this specific chat-box with  offline overlay context.  Use the regular direct URLs if overriding the language is critical. 

  • The offline overlay boilerplate text ("Chat is offline / Click to email instead') is not localized for different languages.  

  • The wording on the built-in part of the offline overlay ("Chat is offline / Click to email instead') cannot be customized.

Currently, the chat-box URL is somewhat experimental.  There may be improvements in the future to allow further customization.



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