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What is that purple message that sometimes shows up at the top of the screen when I sign in?

432 views   |   Last updated on Jul 15, 2020   


That occasional message at the top of the screen when you sign in is called the Message of the Day and is a way that we can share news items of general interest to our subscribers.  In case you closed the Message of the Day and/or want to review them, we're going to keep them here as an archive.

July 15, 2020

Are you re-opening your building? Here are some ideas for providing contactless help.


May 11, 2020

Looking to create a curbside pick-up service for your library? LibraryH3lp can help! Click here to learn how...


March 11, 2020

Are other departments at your organization looking into adding chat, creating a FAQ, or using a shared email box? Well, great news. Those departments can share your LibraryH3lp subscription or, if you prefer separate accounts, opt for a separate subscription at a discount! Click here to learn more...


January 27, 2020

Hey librarians! Interested in expanding online help for patrons? Add backup staffing from Chatstaff to complement your LibraryH3lp subscription. Chatstaff provides coverage for academic and public libraries, and is available 24/7/365 or custom hours. Chatstaff has no centralized co-op requirements, so you  never have to staff for other libraries. Click for more info…


January 14, 2020

Hey librarians! Did you know there's a free mobile app patrons can download to contact you? Contact us to set up your library's free listing in the Ask a Librarian mobile app. The Ask a Librarian mobile app is a directory of libraries around the world and every library (not just LibraryH3lp customers) is invited to participate. The State Library of Kansas is already getting buzz about the app


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