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What is the 3mail module?

2814 views   |   Last updated on Mar 27, 2020    email


The 3mail module transforms a queue in your LibraryH3lp account in to a mailbox shared by all operators staffing the queue. So if you don't already have an email solution for customer support or are looking for something better, 3mail might be just the thing!

  • With 3mail, the webclient becomes one-stop-shopping for email and chat interactions.
  • You get unlimited email archive space.
  • There are tags for categorizing and organizing email.
  • The Tag for Followup chat feature integrates with 3mail so staff can answer questions that need email followup after a chat is over.
  • Capture questions submitted by customers via web forms

Your subscription (or trial) includes unlimited use of 3mail. To get started with 3mail, visit the 3mail page in the webclient or the standalone 3mail app

3mail can be accessed from two places:

  1. Within the webclient for staffing chat.  If you're on the Chats page in the webclient and a new email comes in, you'll receive desktop (visual) notification, a sound notification, and also a number will appear on the 3mail icon in the navigation sidebar. 
  2. As a standalone application, separate from staffing chat. 

The URLs for either the webclient or standalone application vary by which server you use.


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