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What is the 3mail module?

245 views   |   Last updated on Feb 14, 2017    email


3mail provides a simple email system that is available from the webclient for staffing and can be connected to one or more queues within your account. Each queue represents a shared mailbox from which any operator assigned to a queue can view and send email. Like Gmail, there are labels for categorization and email archiving features. If you're on the Chats page in the webclient for staffing and a new email comes in, you'll receive desktop (visual) notification, a sound notification, and also a number will appear in the 3mail icon in the navigation sidebar. Your subscription (or trial) includes unlimited use of 3mail.

The webclient's Tag for Followup feature integrates with 3mail so staff can answer questions that need email followup after a chat is over. You can also use your 3mail addresses to receive emails from places like web forms. This way, the webclient can function as one-stop-shopping for email and chat interactions.

Forwarding from established account is possible. You would set the desired email account to forward mail to your queue's address, which is the same as the queue's XMPP/Jabber ID.

Then, if desired, we can set your queue on our end to have the existing account's identity, so that it will appear to come From the existing account.

To get started with 3mail, please contact support