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Where are your servers located?

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We have regional servers located in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia/Pacific.  Your subscription will be associated with only one of these regions.  While it's tempting to think that location doesn't matter because it's "all in the cloud", remember that LibraryH3lp is all about real-time communication, and when every keystroke takes a half-second to zip around the world it becomes noticeably disruptive.  For best results, you will want LibraryH3lp subscription in the region physically closest to you.

Webclient URLs

Administrative Dashboard URLs

FAQ site URL formats

  • United States: FAQ-NAME.ask.libraryh3lp.com
  • Canada: FAQ-NAME.ask.ca.libraryh3lp.com
  • Europe: FAQ-NAME.ask.eu.libraryh3lp.com
  • Asia/Pacific: FAQ-NAME.ask.sg.libraryh3lp.com

Jabber/XMPP IDs

Learn how your regional server affects your Jabber/XMPP ID.