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Can LibraryH3lp send email?

1670 views   |   Last updated on Apr 08, 2020    email


3mail module

The LibraryH3lp 3mail module provides a simple email system that is available from the webclient navigation menu and can be connected to one or more queues within your account. Each queue represents a shared mailbox from which any operator assigned to a queue can view and send email. Like Gmail, there are labels for categorization and email archiving features. If you are using the webclient for staffing and a new email comes in, you'll receive desktop (visual) notification, a sound notification, and also a number will appear in the 3mail navigation bar icon. 


Chat box email transcript icon

Chat transcripts can be e-mailed directly from the chat box; this lets the guest e-mail himself a copy of the chat.

Occasionally, guests will reply to a transcript they have emailed to themselves. The queue's email address will receive replies sent to emailed transcripts sent from the chat box.   

If a guest makes an error in their own email address when trying to mail themselves a transcript, the address set for the queue in the admin dashboard will receive the bounce. Often these errors are simple typos that are easy to figure out (.eud instead of .edu, for example), and you can opt to send the transcript along to the corrected address if desired. 


Chat box offline appearance

One of the key features of LibraryH3lp is that you can show something *other* than your chat box, when your chat service is offline.  One of the things that is very easy to do is point your guests to email instead of your chat box, when chat is offline. Since you can plug in anything at all, you could design a little HTML e-mail form, or you could simply provide an e-mail address as a "mailto" link.


Chat clients for staff

Operators can email themselves (or anyone else) a copy of the chat transcript from the webclient or from the external chat management page if using a 3rd party chat client like Pidgin.

There is a one-click tag for follow-up feature that lets operators send a transcript and explanatory note easily, without specifying a particular email address. The email address used is set per-queue using the admin dashboard, so you can direct followup requests for questions arriving on different queues to different email addresses.  A copy of the transcript and note will also be sent to the operator who originally answered the chat, if that operator has an email address set in the user management dashboard.


FAQ module

Under the hood, each FAQ site can be connected to an e-mail address/e-mail contact form. The e-mail integration makes it easier for guests to find what they need so they can reach your when your service is offline or if they do not wish to chat.


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