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Can I customize my chat box for guests?

3463 views   |   Last updated on Mar 27, 2020    chat widget


The chat box appearance is all about you.  There is no imposed branding and you can fully customize chat box skins to look however you'd like. You can add a title, change the colors, and fully overhaul all of the CSS if you wish. 

You can use the same chat box skin with any or all of your queues. You can also use different chat box skins on the same queue to customize the look of a chat box on different web pages.

Need design inspiration? Check out our chat box gallery on Pinterest!

You can edit your chat box skins in two main ways: via the admin dashboard, or if you prefer, you can customize them by hand.

Widget designer in the admin dashboard

In the admin dashboard, go to the Widgets page and click the New Widget button near the top of the window or select an existing skin from the drop-down list. Then, experiment with changing the various fields. Be sure to click Save near the bottom when you are done.

widget designer


Using your skin with your chat box

If you already have a chat code snippet on your web page and need to update the skin, visit the Services page in the admin dashboard and edit your service to use the new skin.  Otherwise you can use the Services page in the admin dashboard to create a new chat code snippet that uses your spiffy new skin.  

Or, to test your newly-customized chat box skin by hand in your browser, supply your widget skin ID number using the skin variable on the direct URL.


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