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What is the Sharing Tool?

2723 views   |   Last updated on Mar 20, 2020    sharing tool


All that is required to use the Sharing Tool is a modern web browser, no browser extension or plugin needed. Unlimited use of the Sharing Tool is included with your subscription at no extra charge.

The Sharing Tool lets you:

  1. Create snapshots.  Snapshots are images you've annotated to communicate an idea visually.
    • During a chat, you can send snapshots to the guest. This exchange works for operators and guests using any web browser.  As an operator, you can extensively edit and annotate snapshots using various drawing tools.  Guests can paste screenshots/images into their chat box to share then with you, but the guest cannot edit their screenshots using the Sharing Tool.
    • Read more about snapshots.
  2. View the guest's screen. You can view the guest's screen in real-time when the guest is in a supported web browser (see "screensharing limitations" section below). The guest needs to explicitly grant permissions on their side to allow you to view their screen through a series of deliberate actions in the browser. At no time can the guest view your screen and the guest cannot initiate screensharing.
    • Screensharing works in tandem with snapshots.  At any time while viewing the guest's screen, you can grab a snapshot of the screen, take it into the snapshot editor to crop and/or mark it up, and then send the revised version back to the guest.  You can literally indicate, please click HERE!  Because sometimes a picture can be worth a thousand words.
    • Read more about screensharing.
  3. Capture screencasts. Screencasts are silent recordings of your own screen.  You can save and share the raw recording as a webm video.
  4. Create slideshows from screencasts. Create and share a simple slideshow by selecting and optionally annotating frames from your screencast to further emphasize the steps you're illustrating. Slideshows are saved as animated GIFs.

Video Overview of the Sharing Tool

Accessing the Sharing Tool outside a Chat

The Sharing Tool has its own URL that you can use to create snapshots, screencasts, and slideshows outside the context of a chat so you can use it in your daily workflow for doing things like creating content for documentation, tutorials, and guides.

How the Sharing Tool integrates with the Chat Module

The Sharing Tool opens up in its own window and is available when you staff chat in the webclient or other chat clients (like Pidgin or Adium) and from the Chat History page (webclient or dashboard).

Launching the Sharing Tool for a chat in the webclient for staffing

screenshot of the sharing tool for a chat in the webclient for staffing

When launching the Sharing Tool during a chat in the webclient, you can continue your conversation with the guest in the Sharing Tool window so you don't have to go back and forth between windows to chat with the guest.


Launching the Sharing Tool for a chat from a desktop chat client (like Pidgin or Adium):

To access the Sharing Tool, follow the chat management link that is included at the beginning of each chat.  Clicking on that chat management link will take you to a page which looks similar to this:

screenshot of the sharing tool in the external client page


Launching the Sharing Tool for an active chat from the Chat History page (webclient or dashboard):

Select a chat to see its transcript and chat management buttons.

screenshot of sharing tool in the Chat History page

How the Sharing Tool integrates with the 3mail Module

Within the 3mail module, you can use the drawing tools in the snapshot editor to annotate images you’d like to insert into email drafts. 



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