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Can I give someone administrator privileges over a sub-portion of my LibraryH3lp account?

1828 views   |   Last updated on Jul 29, 2020   


Yes!  You can designate users as "mini-admins" and limit their administrative rights to a folder or folders within a LibraryH3lp subscription. A mini-admin can manage their own queues, users, chat skins, transcripts, etc, within the folder and the mini-admin cannot see any data (including transcripts) for the rest of the subscription. However, any user with full administrative privileges will be able to see all of the data for the mini-admin's folder.

For example, if a campus library controls the subscription, the admissions department can designate one or more mini-admin users that will only be able to manage the chat service for the admissions department. The admissions department's mini-admin will not be able to see any data from the library. But the library will always be able to see the admissions department's data, since the library possesses a full administrator user account. Additionally, all users and queues for the library and the admissions department will appear for transfers. This is beneficial if the departments often refer users to each other.

Setting up a mini-admin (only available to users with full administrative privileges)

  1. Visit the Users page of the admin dashboard (person icon) and create a new folder.
  2. Add a new user within the folder. You can use drag and drop if needed to get the user situated.
  3. Visit the Groups page of the admin dashboard (padlock icon) and create a new group.
  4. Add the new user as a member of the new group.
  5. Click the Permissions tab and select your newly created folder containing the mini-admin. Click Grant for read and write access.


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