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How do I customize the footer of my FAQ site?

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As with custom headers, setting up a custom footer requires a little bit of template editing.

1) Add/Edit content

After logging into your FAQ site, edit/add the desired content within the footer.html template.

Or if you wish the footer to span the entire width of your page, comment out the footer block within the base.html template using HTML comments and place the desired content after the main "container" div. E.g.

<div class="container">
    {% block footer %}
      <footer class="footer">
        {% include "footer.html"  %}
    {% endblock %}
Your custom footer here.

2) Optional: Adjust styling for reused content

If you reuse an existing footer from your website, the trickiest part after adding in your footer's HTML is getting the styling correct. Your strategy for including the styling for your footer elements will vary since there are several ways to handle CSS.

  1. If the CSS is already included directly within each element's style attribute, then you are done.
  2. If the CSS is part of your website's head element, you can copy those styles over to your FAQ's head element.
  3. If the CSS for the footer is contained within a CSS file, then you can include that file within your FAQ like this:
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="http://your.organization.edu/footer.css"/>


One note on option 3 above. If the CSS file includes styling that affects elements outside your custom footer, the rest of your FAQ's styling will also be affected. If you run into this scenario, you could ask your webmaster to break up the CSS files or even fall back to option 2 cutting and pasting into your head element what you need. If you need any help straightening this out, please don't hesitate to e-mail us; we've already helped several people in this situation.

Advanced customization: Sticky Footers

If you want to be extra fancy, you can opt to make your footer sticky. A sticky footer always remains at the bottom of a page and can be attractive on your individual question pages where content may be short and your footer appears higher on the page. 


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