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Can I place an entry form before my chat box?

1049 views   |   Last updated on Nov 25, 2019    chat widget


Experience over the years has taught us that entry forms tend to discourage chatting.  Whether it is the extra hurdle or the request for identifying personal information, a guest presented with an entry form is less likely to actually begin a conversation than one presented with a raw chat widget. But that being said, we do have plans to offer entry forms in LibraryH3lp though we don't have a firm release date just yet.  In the meantime, you might consider two alternatives.

Our "Concierge Auto-reply" feature lets you send an automatic greeting to an unanswered guest based on a time trigger.  While they're often used to try to get patrons with long wait times to hang on a bit longer, they can ALSO be set for a very short trigger, to prompt all new chatters for bits of desired info. You could have a 1 second trigger and send a message that read something like, "Thanks for your question!  So that we can better assist, can you please provide your name and email address?  We'll be with you shortly. "  To have us set that up, email the following details to support@libraryh3lp.com:
  • Exact wording of the message.
  • Queues to receive it (or you can say "all of our queues").
Or if you'd prefer to manually trigger a message asking the guest for information, give the canned message feature a spin.


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