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How do I create and manage conference rooms (backchat)?

1788 views   |   Last updated on Sep 19, 2023    conference rooms


Conference rooms are an internal group chat room where staff can see and chat with each other collaboratively. Each subscription includes unlimited conference rooms.


Creating a Conference Room

1.  Click on the people icon in the left side navigation toolbar in the admin dashboard (separate from the webclient) to go to the conference room management page.

conference room nav icon


2. To create a canned message pool, click on the purple '+ Create New Room" button at the top of the page.  (Remember, you can create as many conference rooms as you need!)  

create new room button

3.  A box entitled "Create new conference room" (shown below) will appear.  Give your conference room a descriptive name.  This name is shown internally to operators, but never revealed externally to guests since conference rooms are an internal-only feature. Then click "OK" to finish creating the new canned message pool.

create new conference room box


4.  After creating the conference room, you will see the option to manage membership which determines which users can participate in the conference room. You'll also see credentials for the conference room which are needed if users staff chat from external clients like Pidgin or Adium.

Managing Conference Rooms

Once you have at least one conference room within your subscription, you can use the dropdown menu at the top of the page to select a conference room to manage. 

select conference room

Once a conference room is selected, you can:

  • rename the conference room
  • delete the conference room
  • change user membership to determine who can participate in the conference room
  • view external client access credentials for the conference room


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