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How can I use proactive chat invitations within LibGuides?

2441 views   |   Last updated on Dec 12, 2019   


Proactive chat invitations work within LibGuides.  But LibGuides defines its own styling for the proactive chat invitations and so the proactive theme you select within your LibraryH3lp chat snippet will not be used.

One common issue with proactive chat invitations in LibGuides is that the X (close icon) in the title of the proactive chat invitation is slightly off center.

To correct that, add the following custom styling to the Offline Appearance area of your chat snippet in the LibraryH3lp admin dashboard:

<style type="text/css">
  .s-lg-guide-body .ui-dialog .ui-widget-header button.ui-button span:first-child,
  .s-lib-public-body .ui-dialog .ui-widget-header button.ui-button span:first-child {
    margin: -8px;


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