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I am a library patron, and my library uses this chat service. What can you tell me about privacy?

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Very good question!  Patron privacy is extremely important to us.  Here are the details.

LibraryH3lp is a software product created by our small software company, Nub Games Inc., specifically for patron help services in libraries and other non-profit organizations.  

We do not share chat transcript data with any third-parties for advertising or other commercial purposes*, and we have designed the system with very good privacy options.  By default when your library starts using our service, your chat transcripts are not retained after the chat is over, but your library can opt to store transcripts easily at any time.  In libraries, this is often done to support quality assurance programs, service analysis, and training needs.  Once stored, your library can delete chat transcripts at any time.  

Our chat box does not set any identifying cookies in your browser, and it does not ask for any personal information in order to start a chat.  Your identity is shown as a random string of numbers to your librarians.  If your library opts to place an entry form in front of our chat box, they are responsible for the data they collect.  Your IP address is visible to your librarians and is associated with our "block" feature, which they may use to stop conversation with a patron that becomes abusive. 

Our chat box will retain your chat conversation when you change between pages on the web site containing the chat box you are using -- this chat conversation is stored locally in your browser.  This provides good usability, so that you don't constantly lose track of what has been said as you move around the library's web site and do your research.  At any time, you can use the "Clear Chat History" button to clear out the chat conversation.  You can also clear your browser's cache and reload your web page to clear the chat conversation history.

*Note: We will provide any stored patron data to proper authorities if we are contacted by law enforcement, customer IT security departments, etc...

You can contact us at 877-844-5371 or support@libraryh3lp.com with any questions.



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