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Can we have an automatic (scripted) greeting?

3765 views   |   Last updated on Mar 27, 2020    chat widget


Yes!  We call these "concierge auto-responses."  Concierge auto-responses appear to the guest automatically in her view of the chat transcript.  Concierge can be set up on any or all of your queues. Concierge is triggered after the guest sends her first message and on any delay you'd like.  For example, you might want:

  • An automatic generic greeting that triggers after just a second or two, in order to let the guest know you received their question and someone will be with them soon.
  • An apologetic greeting that triggers after a somewhat lengthy delay, to help with times where your staff are not picking up chats as quickly as usual. or your chat service has been left online accidentally.

In order to set up your concierge services, please email support with the following details:

  1. The name of the queue or queues.
  2. How long in minutes or seconds to wait before triggering the message.
  3. Exact wording of the message.  The message can be plain text or HTML, so you can include links in your message.

What happens on the staff side? 

On the staff side, nothing happens.  And, the staff can still answer even after an auto-response that apologizes for a delay and offers alternative contact methods. 

What about text messaging (SMS)?  

While you can certainly have auto-replies for your text messaging queue, you may or may not want to provide them.  Text messages already have the offline auto-reply, which is a different kind of auto-response.  If you also provide an automatic greeting, you will want to make sure the overall effect is coherent.  

Does the operator have to use the LH3 webclient?

No. Concierge works no matter what staffing software the operator is using.

Can we have more than one auto-reply on a single queue: one as an initial greeting and another as a fail-safe if no one is really there?

Technically yes, but we advise caution in what the first of the two messages says.  It is usually better to have a human send an initial greeting, and this can be done quickly and easily using canned messages.  This way, your guests are rightfully informed that a person is there and paying attention to their message.  If you have an automated greeting, and no real person can actually respond quickly, that can leave a bad impression even if an apologetic auto-reply comes along later.




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