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Can I reuse my Google Voice number with your SMS add-on?

1311 views   |   Last updated on Dec 12, 2019    texting google


Yes. Google Voice supports forwarding to another number, and your LibraryH3lp SMS number can receive those forwarded texts. That way you and your guests can continue to use your already advertised Google Voice SMS number while picking up all the nice extras from our SMS add-on.   

PLEASE NOTE: Google requires verification of these forwarding numbers on a regular basis, so make sure someone is monitoring the Gmail account associated with the GV number, in order to receive the "verification needed" alerts.  Here is how this verification works:

  1. Head into the Google Voice number settings and locate your LibraryH3lp SMS number, configured for forwarding.
  2. If the number needs verification, Google will provide a button for you to trigger an automatic phone call from Google to the LibraryH3lp number.
    • Google's verification phone call will in turn get forwarded to whatever you had us set up to receive forwarded telephone voice calls that have been placed to your SMS number.  This is usually your reference desk.  Not sure?  We can let you know what it is, or temporarily change it, if you contact us through our usual support channels.
  3. Google will display a two-digit number on the screen when it sends the automatic verification call.
  4. Answer the phone and enter that two-digit number when prompted.
  5. You're done!
  6. Make sure someone is going to receive Google's notifications for when verification is needed.


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