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Can I use LibraryH3lp outside the library?

4722 views   |   Last updated on Nov 21, 2018    license pricing


Yes! LibraryH3lp started out in libraries (oddly enough) but is widely used by admission offices, student advising services, and career counseling centers.

The real question is, "Do I have to pay to run LibraryH3lp in my admissions office?" The answer there is, it depends. If you can work out an arrangement with your library to share their subscription, that is perfectly OK with us and there is no extra charge. We can even setup permissions within the library's account to keep you relatively -- but not completely -- independent and isolated.

If for some reason you can't share your library's subscription, you will have to pay for an account. Though additional subscriptions beyond the initial subscription are available at a reduced rate if the initial subscription is higher than our lowest subscription rate.