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How do I prevent chat spam?

1570 views   |   Last updated on Sep 09, 2020    chat widget abuse integrations


We have never seen true chat spam (automated chat messages) arrive though the chat widget.  This is because it is a JavaScript application and actually requires some interaction with the user.  Most web-site spam comes from email forms or chat packages that have entry forms, because these are easily scriptable in mass by spammers.

Most LibraryH3lp chat spam comes by way spam bots on an IM gateway.  If it gets to be too much, you can just not use those features, or you can block the offender's screen name in the native IM application.

Troublesome human behavior in the widget, such as messages from children sending prank chats, can be blocked during the chat.  You can also block after-the-fact using the Activity/Chat History page in the admin dashboard.  We can also block these for you on our end, just email us at support@libraryh3lp.com.


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