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What is service rollover?

723 views   |   Last updated on Feb 14, 2017    collaboration chat widget


Service rollover allows you to preferential show one chat box over another on the same web page, usually based upon the availability of specialists. The Chat Snippets (Services) management page in the admin dashboard makes it easy to set up service rollover. If you prefer to code this by hand, or if you just want to take a look at the HTML to see how it works, check out our sample Service Rollover code.

Here are a few use cases:

  • You have a web page for a specialized topic, and you'd like the guest to get connected to the specialist if they are available, but if they're not, then your general reference staff is fine and is better than a simple offline contact point.
  • You have a cooperative service with another library and you help each other out with chat services. You'd like guests to connect with their home library, if their home library is online. If not, the guest should connect to the other library. Read more...

In any case, you want to do something more flexible than showing and hiding a chat box for only one queue.

service rollover screenshot
Image from Code4Lib Journal, LibraryH3lp: A New Flexible Chat Reference System.