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Does LibraryH3lp support text messaging (SMS)?

4044 views   |   Last updated on Sep 09, 2020    texting


Our SMS add-on module is backed by Twilio, a leading provider of SMS infrastructure for application developers. Available for US, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, and more. International numbers can send and receive messages to your SMS number.

  • You'll receive a standard 10-digit phone number and not a shared shortcode/keyword combination. We believe phone numbers are preferred for applications that augment person-to-person communication.
  • Reuse your LibraryH3lp texting number outside LibraryH3lp with other products (e.g. ILLiad) or custom apps that rely on Twilio. Or if you already have a Twilio account, you can use your existing number in LibraryH3lp.
  • Customize your "We're offline right now" auto-responder, so that your guests will know when you're not there to answer immediately. Those messages are held and delivered to you the next time you are online, and your replies go back to the guest as text messages.
  • Incoming text messages are handled like all other chats and can be transferred, transcripts saved if desired, etc...
  • Add voice forwarding so that if a guest calls your texting number, they will get connected to the phone number you specify for a regular voice conversation.
  • Port an existing number into our system so that your guests can continue to text you at an existing number, if you have one. Porting is free and currently only available on US numbers.
  • Since your number is your own, we can port your number to another provider if you wish to cancel your subscription. Porting is free and currently only available on US numbers.
  • You do not need to provide a mobile phone or any other kind of telecommunications hardware.
  • If you have been using Google Voice for SMS, you can seamlessly forward your Google Voice text messages to your new number, so that your guests can continue using the familiar Google Voice number. This forwarding works very well and is nearly instant.

To start your no-risk trial, please contact support.


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