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How can I change the identity of the operator in the chat box?

372 views   |   Last updated on Mar 31, 2020    chat widget


When a new chat skin is created, the default identity is "operator."  You can change this in the admin dashboard by editing the Chat Skin in question.  Look for the paintbrush icon in the dashboard's left menu sidebar. 

Once you are in the chat skin editor, locate your chat skin by finding it in the Widget: drop-down menu near the top:


Then, look for the Branding section, and find the Typing Notification Identity.  Set that appropriately.  Then click Save Widget near the bottom.



Not sure which widget skin to edit?  Take a look at your Chat Snippet, also in the admin dashboard.  Its icon looks like this:  <>  Edit the desired Chat Snippet.  The chat skin that the snippet is using is set in the Routing for Incoming Chats section.  Look for the widget skin thumbnail.


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