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What alerting options are available for 3mail?

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Visual Notifications

Desktop notifications provide excellent visual alerting, even if the webclient or standalone 3mail app is minimized or buried in the background underneath many other application windows.  Most browsers have built-in support for desktop notifications, but Internet Explorer does not. 

Desktop notifications can be configured in the Preferences page of either the webclient or standalone 3mail app.

Audible Notifications

New email sound alerts are available in all tested desktop web browsers. You can choose from various sound alerts (Preferences area) or opt out of sound alerts completely.

Notifications to External Accounts

Each user can opt to receive notifications of new emails in 3mail at an external email account. To set this up for yourself, head over to your preferences page in either 3mail or the webclient to set this up.

You can customize the subject line for these notifications per mailbox.


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