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Why don't I hear webclient sounds in Chrome?

246 views   |   Last updated on May 24, 2017    webclient


Here are a few common reasons why sounds might not play in Chrome for the webclient:

Flash entanglements

The staffing client uses HTML 5 sound (not Flash).  So, sounds are built directly into the browser and do not rely on any plugins or extensions.  However, if the web browser has a Flash plugin enabled, then the web browser might be letting the Flash player take over the sound anyway.  And, if that Flash player has gotten hung or crashed, then the result will usually be that no webclient sound will play.  That is, the browser is still trying to route the sound through the Flash player, but it's crashed and so not working.

If you can totally disable Flash, that can help.  In Chrome, you need to look in two places:

  • chrome://extensions
  • chrome://plugins

Here, we're *not* allowing Flash to run, and the webclient sound should still work fine since it's using HTML 5 and Chrome has native support for that.  But, if the user needs Flash all the time for other reasons, this might not be practical.
HTML5 sounds are disabled
If you have the "Disable HTML5 Autoplay" (or similar) extension, then that will definitely break webclient chat sounds.

Muted tabs

You can "mute tabs" in Chrome.  Muted tabs will have a sound icon with a line through it.  Click the icon to toggle sounds back on.