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How do I simultaneously display different chat boxes on the same web page?

2498 views   |   Last updated on May 05, 2020    chat widget installation


The chat code generated on the Chat Snippets page of the admin dashboard is easy and will work in most circumstances where you want a single pointer into your chat service per web page, or more than one but all using the same queue. But sometimes you might want to put more than one chat box on a single web page, or have presence badges for more than one queue at a time, and have different queues in use simultaneously. There can only be one chat code snippet per web page, so what do you do? Read on to find out!

Note: This is different than Service Rollover, which allows you to preferentially display a single chat box for one queue over another queue or queues. To be clear, Service Rollover's goal is to show one chat box, while the code on this page is about showing more than one chat box at a time.

Alternative embed code to a chat snippet

When you have two or more chat boxes connected to different queues on the same page, you can use a chat snippet for one but you'll need a different presence check technique for the others. There are a few possibilities for those others:


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