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How do I send a file to a guest during a chat? Is there a size limit?

577 views   |   Last updated on Nov 28, 2018    staffing webclient


Files sent through the system will appear for the other party as a link in the chat transcript area. Clicking the link will start a download of the file.  Files sent can be a maximum of 20 MB per file; files of any type can be sent. Files are regularly deleted from our server.

Operators might want to send a guest a file for many reasons, especially if the guest is stuck on some kind of technical problem, and the operator can resolve it by sending the guest a file of the needed item, such as a PDF of an article. This provides more instant gratification than sending e-mail.

Operators can send files to any guests that arrive through a queue, whether the guest is on a website chat box or even texting.

Sometimes it may be useful for a guest to send an operator a file during a chat. Guests using a website chat box can send operators files. Currently, guests on IM networks like AIM, etc, probably will not be able to send files to operators.

Sending a file using the webclient for staffing:

Sending a file when using another chat client:

Operators using an external client such as Pidgin should click on the "chat management link" that displays at the top of each chat and begins, "For transfers, etc...".  That link takes you to a page that looks something like this: