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Does chat work with Wordpress?

2564 views   |   Last updated on Dec 12, 2019    wordpress cms integrations


Yes!  The specifics depend on whether you're using a hosted Wordpress blog at wordpress.com, or if you are running the self-hosted kind of Wordpress blog (wordpress.org).

If you're using the self-hosted version (wordpress.org), then you should be able to use all of the standard chat snippets.  If you want to use embedded chat boxes, you will probably need to install something like the Wordpress sidebar IFRAME widget.

If you're using the hosted version (wordpress.com), then you are more limited.  Wordpress.com blogs don't allow IFRAMEs (for embedding chat boxes) or third-party JavaScripts (for dynamic appearance of your chat service based on online or offline status).  The best option with wordpress.com blogs is to create an attractive custom "Chat with us" image, and open your chat box in a new window when the user clicks your chat image.  

Here is an example of a wordpress.com blog using the above approach.  In this example, an image of a chat box is used as the thing that the user clicks on to launch the real chat box.



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