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Does LibraryH3lp work with Joomla!?

724 views   |   Last updated on May 16, 2013    integrations cms chat widget


Yes, LibraryH3lp widgets (and associated JavaScript) work with Joomla!, but there are a couple of possible snags:

  1. Make sure that the HTML editor is turned off when inserting LibraryH3lp code. 
  2. The RSFirewall! extension will throw in wayward hyphens that can break the LibraryH3lp JavaScript.  To work around this, have RSFirewall skip the LibraryH3lp components when verifying for JavaScript injections.  This allows the user to type plain text into an editor.
  3. Our JIDs (Jabber IDs) look like e-mail addresses and Joomla will sometimes insert a spam prevention script into the JIDs.  LibraryH3lp JIDs look like this:  queue-name@chat.libraryh3lp.com. Using {emailcloak=off} inside Joomla should take care of this, and there are additional suggestions here.