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Can I auto-logout based on idle time?

3254 views   |   Last updated on Dec 12, 2019    webclient


This is a standard feature of external chat clients like Pidgin and Adium.  Take a look at the preferences for changing status based on idle time.  Usually, you'll want to change to "away" based on a specific number of minutes of idle time.

In our webclient, there is a standard feature for auto-logout based on either a countdown time or a specific clock time.  If you use Chrome, you can also add a browser plugin to force auto-logout based on browser idle time instead.  Thanks to Ron Schuetz from Franklin College for this technique!  Here are Ron's instructions:

LIBRARYH3LP web client timeout using Chrome

These are instructions for setting up Chrome to run the Libraryh3lp web client with a short timeout feature similar to that available using Pidgin. This timeout is governed by keyboard and mouse activity and is especially useful when several people are monitoring chats but no one person is assigned chat responsibility for a specific period. Timeout period can be reset without stopping chat.

1. Open Chrome browser

2. Click the "Customize/Control" icon (3 horizontal bars) in upper right corner

3. Select "Settings"

4. In the "On Startup" section select "Open a specific page or set up pages"

5. Click on the "Set Pages" link at the end of that line

6. In the "Add a new page" box, paste the URL for the Libraryh3lp web client and click "OK" (URL varies based on your LH3 region -- just copy it from your browser)

7. On the "Settings" page, click "Extensions" in the left column

8. At the bottom of the page click on "Get more extensions"

9. In the search window type "idle reset"

10. Find this extension on the results page and click the "Add to Chrome" button

11. Go back to the Chrome "Extensions" page

12. Make sure the "Enable" box for Idle Reset is checked

13. Check the "Allow access to file URLs" box

14. Click the "Options" link

15. In the "Page to reset to" box, paste the Libraryh3lp web client URL (same as step #6 above)

16. Set the idle time in the next box

17. Click "Save"

When a timeout occurs, the Libraryh3lp page pops to the foreground and there is a 30 second window allowing you to choose to remain "available" or to leave the page. If you are away from your computer for a lengthy amount of time, it will be necessary to reload the LibraryH3lp page in order to sign back in and change your status to available.




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