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Unsupported legacy /webchat/ client status

1673 views   |   Last updated on Mar 02, 2020   


The chat action buttons (transfer, etc...) in the old, unsupported /webchat/ client will no longer display as of the following dates:

Please change to our fully supported webclient: Canada, Europe, Singapore, Main/US.  (training materials)


What is going away in the old /webchat/ client?  What's still working?

Basic chatting will still work fine in the unsupported client.  However, you'll notice that there are no longer handy buttons in the conversation windows for special actions like transfer, block, tag for followup, etc...  But, never fear.  You can still access those special actions by using the provided magic link to each chat's management page.


Missing buttons and link to chat management page
Chat management link screenshot
No more chat buttons in unsupported webchat client.  Instead, access chat actions through the link to the chat management page.

Chat Management Page
chat management page screenshot
The chat management page provides all the features that were available through buttons in the chat window in the old client.


Why did the /webchat/ client's chat action buttons go away?

Long story short, while we have done our best to keep the old /webchat/ client working as long as we could, our latest round of system-wide updates proved to be incompatible.  Please take a look at our blog post that summarizes the latest round of features.  There's a lot of really good stuff in there!


Does using the newer, supported webclient cost anything extra?  Do I have to change my web pages and chat boxes?

No and no.  Use of the webclient is included in all subscriptions.  And your web pages, chat boxes, etc, are unrelated and are not involved in this change-over.  This is only about the web-based staffing interface.


Once I switch to the supported webclient, am I "locked in?"

You can switch back-and-forth between the unsupported /webchat/ client and the supported webclient freely.  Just avoid using them both at the same time in the same web browser as the same user.  


How can I get my familiar layout from the old /webchat/ client in the supported webclient?

The default layout in the supported webclient automatically tiles your chats so that they cannot become hidden under one another, and they all stay the same size.   HOWEVER, there is an alternative layout that provides small floating chat windows, like you are accustomed to in the unsupported /webchat/ client.  This way, you can fully control your chat window layout, complete with ability to drag and resize each window exactly where you want it.  

To turn on this familiar-feeling "floaty window" layout, head to your Preferences section in the supported webclient, and then UNcheck the option for Automatically arrange and size chat windows.  Done!

Review our training materials for the webclient.


Will the unsupported /webchat/ client go away completely in the future?

We do not currently have plans to remove it entirely from our servers. For now, it will continue to function like any other chat client that supports the XMPP standard, in that advanced features like transfer, etc, will be available on the external chat management page rather than through buttons in the chat windows. 

However, LibraryH3lp will continue to evolve, and the old /webchat/ client is likely to break entirely at some as-yet unknown point in the future.  Since it is unsupported and receives no new features or other development attention, at that point, we will remove it from the servers completely and redirect its URL to the supported webclient.

Please give our supported webclient a try.  It provides a modern interface with a handy suite of ever-expanding features such as canned messages, conference rooms for group chat among staff, multiple workflows/layouts (including a floaty window layout option!), desktop notifications, multiple alert sound options, and much more.


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